Create Photostream folder in your Dock by Vivien Leroy and wrote 27 August 2012

If like me you enjoy using and seeing Photostream working you should love this tutorial it allows you to get an auto-updating Photostream stack in your Dock !

Prerequisties :

All you have to do is :


Then type : (hint : you can use ⇥ key to complete a folder name you began)

~/Library/Application Support/iLifeAssetManagement/assets/sub/

Once in the folder press :


To launch the search, but don’t enter anything in the field, just leave it blank, make sure it’s not searching in « Your Mac » but in « subs » and then choose « Image » with « JPEG » type.

You just setup a search, but how to add it as a Stack ? Notice this « Save » button dying to be pressed ? PRESS IT. Name your search and after it’s registered just drag’n’drop the folder into your Dock.

Moreover this folder auto-updates with new photos even when you’re not launching iPhoto, amazing, isn’t it ?

Note : This works on Lion & Mountain Lion but only Mountain Lion allow to use Smart Folders as stacks in Dock so you can basically use the folder but not fancy display it in your dock.