From Google Analytics to to GoSquared to by Vivien Leroy and wrote 14 January 2013

I'm a data nerd.

You might ask "What does it mean ?", it means I'm kind of obsessed with data and even more when those data are related to me !

And then ? Then I LOVE web analytics services <3. And I tried three of them, and heres a quick set of opinions about it.

There's one service everyone knows about and it must be the biggest existing, Google Analytics.

It's everybodys favorite web analytics service and it offers for free a lot of awesome functionnalities. Yet it's fucking cluttered with useless informations and configurations. It's a real mess.

Yet it offers so much possibilities that most people could not live without it but it's not who I am. I need something more polished.

Later I discovered, it's another analytics service with a different philosophy by the amazing guys at GitHub.

It wants you to have all your important data one click away (where Google Analytics shows you lot of useless crap in lots of different places). It's also well designed and way more clear.

It also features a really neat Live mode which will show you real-time activity on your websites, it's like data nerd heaven =0 !

Probably a deal breaker for most people it's not free but really cheap $6 per month for unlimited sites tracked until 100 000 page views. When, like me, you are unpopular and shit, this seems like a pretty fair deal !

Lately I heard a lot of good things about GoSquared, another kid in the web analytics playground and I couldn't resist to give it a try. It seemed well designed like but with way more features and a really godlike Dashboard.

Let's be honest I was disappointed. The aforementioned Dashboard just didn't work with me, and the lack of an iOS official app (which I forgot to mention but had) is something hard for me to tolerate… But sure it has amazing features !

But I think I'm just more interested in having something simple and straightforward like Even with my huge love for data.

And that's why in the end I came back to, it fits me well. And I think the fact it's been made by the amazing guys at GitHub helps a lot.

That was my opinion, but seriously go try them, those three are all amazing services depending on your personnality.