Super Crate Box available on PSVita by Vivien Leroy and wrote 07 October 2012

I'm a huge fan of Vlambeer productions.

As they themselves say, they bring back the good old arcade among our over complex game experiences.

Back in 2010, they released Super Crate Box which is a fast paced arcade pixel styled amazing game praised by critics because of it's efficient concept and really good game design.

Sure it is a really simple game but damn it's so addictive !

First it was available on Desktop, then on iOS and now it's on PSVita and I must say, this is the best iteration Vlambeer produced. Maybe you'll ask me why, well it's fairly simple.

I mean, I played Mac version, I bought iOS version and rebought it again on PSVita and I'm not sad because man this is one the best game I've ever played !